AZoe RonCambridge massage therapist Zoë Wilcox is the owner of Body Active. She qualified as a fitness instructor and massage therapist in 2003. In 2007, Zoë gained her Diploma in Sports Massage and Remedial Therapy with the highly-esteemed London School of Sports Massage.

Zoë believes that massage is an essential therapy for life. Clients typically have a lot of muscular tension, which often leads to pain or discomfort. After each massage treatment, clients usually see a noticeable difference in their mobility and a reduction in pain. Regular massage, combined with strengthening exercises, have cured Zoë of chronic back ache. She now pain-free and wants to share the wonders of massage therapy with her clients. Maintainence massages are highly recommended to keep aches, pains and niggles at bay.

Zoë regularly extends her knowledge of massage with continued professional development. She is also a qualified personal trainer, as well as being certified in the management of low back pain.